Access Control

Our integrated access management solutions are modular in structure and can be tailored to your needs

3S Security is an Official Distributor of Dormakaba which is a leading manufacturer of Web-based appliances for physical access control and physical gates

Dormakaba has developed a full line of feature-rich access control products with the software application 

We can design and implement access control solutions that are tailored for restricted areas, corporate complexes, single buildings and more. Advanced technologies bring you the functionality you need with expandability for the future so the investment you make today will not become obsolete overnight if your business requirements change

Dormakaba Access Control

Balancing its ever-changing security requirements with flexible office access for personnel, vehicles and visitors is a major challenge for any organization. An access system needs to be able to issue variable access permissions, record personnel movements and coordinate various levels of security, all at the same time.

We provide a full range of innovative, user-friendly door access control systems – so that you can manage on-site security both now and in the future. From companies confined to a single location to firms distributed across multiple sites, our portfolio of commercial electronic door locks, systems and employee attendance software can meet all your needs for any project.

Dormakaba Access Control

Dormakaba Exos 9300

Dormakaba exos offers a wide range of scalable and intelligent modules that can be easily adapted to meet your specific requirements, including authorization management, visitor management, parking management, time and attendance, and more.

This system fits within your current IT environment and features open and standardized interfaces to easily link individual subsystems for efficient transfer of data. DormaKaba exos is designed for long-term use and offers total forward compatibility and future scalability. This means the system grows with you as your needs change, thus your investment is protected in the future

Dormakaba Exos 9300

Dormakaba Gates

Whether you are looking for a statement entrance allowing the free flow of visitors or a highly controllable security door with personal interlocks for high level protection dormakaba has a solution.  Our comprehensive range of entrance doors is complemented by turnstiles and personnel gates for the lobby and access control products and door hardware for throughout the building. All of which are backed by our skilled technicians and after sales service.

Dormakaba Gates

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